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I Am A Ruby Global Ministries Weekly Announcements July 28-August 3, 2019

I Am A Ruby Global Ministries Weekly Announcements:

Blessings RPE:  Our Queen Chief Apostle Teyshana has new Ministerial Work Hours and they are as follows:

Sonday, 2:30-6:00 pm EST

Monday 1:30-8:30 pm EST

Tuesday's(Studies, Working on Syllabus, Class, and Workshops)

Wednesday 3:00-9:00 pm EST

Thursday 1:00-7:00pm EST

Friday 12:30-3:30 pm EST(Time Varies)

Saturday(Sabbath day of Rest, Rejuvenating, and Replenishing)

If you need an appointment, please contact Senior Pastor Syanika 813-940-2172.  She will then contact you with the date and time of the appointment.  If it is an emergency, then please contact any Leadershifter on our Ministerial Staff: Senior Pastor Syanika, Evangelist Bobbie, Prophetess LaPresha, Prophetess Domonique and Pastor Patricia.  Once again, please feel free to immediately contact anyone of our Ministerial Staff Leadershifters, because I trust them and they are more than qualified to assist you during this time while I am resting.

I Am A Ruby Global Ministries is celebrating our 6th Anniversary with a 3-Day Revival, Fasting, Praying and Consecration.  We will host nightly on our radio show from 7:30PM EST until 9:30PM EST from July 29-31, 2019.  Everyone is invited to fellowship with us.  Come expecting God to perform Ephesians 3:20 in your lives.  Please come expecting God to give you what you de-sire and need from a God.  It’s going to be a different type of Worship experience every day culminating on July 31 our official anniversary date.

I Am A Ruby Florida is tackling the initiative to Eliminate Human Trafficking.  We will Be Consecrating, Fasting, Praying and Fellowshipping with each other every Monday from 12 Midnight until 3PM your time zones too.  We are asking everyone who would like to donate their time and gifts to please contact Senior Pastor Syanika.  Everyone Is welcomed to join Senior Pastor Syanika and I Am A Ruby Florida as we will Be bombarding Heaven on behalf of our children.  I love you all to life.

Pastor Patricia and WOSV is hosting Monday morning Prayer.  Please call in at 6:30 AM and dial into their new WOSV number, 701 801 9759, GlorYAH and HalleluYAH to God for what he is doing during our Monday morning prayer services.

I Am A Ruby Florida and Senior Pastor Syanika is hosting Biblical Expressions Bible Study on Thursday night at 7:30PM EST on our conference call line 712-775-7031, access code 460007#.  We are also getting ready for an Activation/Impartation Service in August.  If you would like to participate, please send me a message 813-940-2172, inbox me on I Am A Ruby or inbox me on Facebook messenger.  If you do not rsvp, you will not be able to participate.  So please rsvp once I post the date and time too.

The Timothy Generation lead by Leadershifter Prophetess Lapresha is hosting our Live Sonday Gospel Worship Explosion Live Radio Broadcast at 3PM EST on Sonday August 4, 2019.  Please call in at 657-383-1918. Please come out because you do not want to miss the Word that is going to be released.  My God, make sure you are there.  There will be healing, breakthroughs and we will have an experience with God unlike any of our previous experiences with God.

Intercessory Prayer Team – Post up a prayer on our I Am A Ruby Network in the(prayer request wall-or-the prayer request group) or voice record in one of our FB Platinum Chambers.  Also, the Intercessory Prayers Team is ready to pray and intercede on your behalf, so please feel free to post up your Prayer Requests so that they can bombard Heaven on your behalf.

I Am A Ruby Global Ministries does provide advertisement on our radio, magazine, newsletter, and network as well.  If you would like to advertise, please contact CEO/Founder/Queen Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley or Senior Pastor Syanika for pricing.  All proceeds goes towards providing outreach to our communities.

Platinum Ruby High School Classes is on summer Break until August 19 when their classes will resume.  If you know anyone who would like to enroll their high schoolers from Grades 9-12, or if you would like to teach and/or help grade assignments, please let Apostle Teyshana know or Senior Pastor Syanika

Platinum Ruby University has multiple classes going on depending if you are going one year or two years for their summer session.  If you would like to enroll or know someone who would like to enroll, please contact Chief Apostle Teyshana.  Also, If you need anything, please reach out to Senior Pastor Syanika or anyone on our Ministerial Staff for assistance.

Wealthistic Trune Classes is on break until August 19, when they return from break.  If you would like to participate in our next session, please contact Chief Apostle Teyshana or Senior Pastor Syanika.  This is a class where you can truly go deep into understanding the hidden wealth and how God wants us to get this wealth.  Are you ready to earn wealth, cash, and blessings all in the same moment? If so, Hands of Blessings is the place for you to work from home, and live the prosperous lifestyle you deserve.  Are you ready to learn more about Wealth every single day? If so, check out Wealthlistic Triune Financial Classroom, it is our online newspaper classroom, where you can learn and obtain God's Promises, from the Heavens, and the Universe/earth Realm. You will obtain resources, information, Kingdom bequest, Heavenly endowment, mailbox blessings, Bonanza's, guaranteed settlement, secure Heritage, savings, grants, grant proposals writing, book authors, book publishing, professional writing, fundraisers, IIstocks, bonds, ETF, dividends, compounding, Entrepreneurship strategies, Angel Investors, Investors, crowdfunding, multiple assets of God's word and Kingdom Success.

I Am A Ruby School of the Prophets is on summer break until August 19, when they return from break.  If you know anyone who would like to be ordained in the Five-Fold Ministry please inbox Chief Apostle Teyshana or Senior Pastor Syanika.  We are asking only those who are serious to inquire about signing up for this one year course.  Also, please congratulate Apostle Bishop Harold Parker and Evangelist Precious Moss for graduating from I Am A Ruby School of the Prophets.  Please Pray for them as they start their on the job training as a newly ordained Apostle and Evangelist.

I Am A Ruby is having a private class on Speaking in Your Heavenly Languages (Tongues).  If you would like to take this class, please reach out to Chief Apostle Teyshana as soon as possible.  This is only for those who are serious, will put in the work and is truly ready to speak in your Heavenly Languages in God.

Please keep all of our children in your Prayers as they are heading into their final weeks of summer break and then head back to school.  Parents, lay hands and pray over your children along with putting the Holy Oil on their foreheads along with reading Psalms 91 over them daily too.  Remember, they have been entrusted to you by God and it’s your duty along with responsibility to stand in the gap on behalf of your children: naturally and spiritually.

We will be giving away school supplies for our children globally.  If you would like to sow a seed or send school supplies to our global headquarters in Benton Harbor, MI, please contact Chief Apostle Teyshana or Senior Pastor.  We want to make sure our children have everything they need to be successful in school.  We thank you in advance and pray a triple blessing upon the lives omg those who will be sowing and praying for our children during the upcoming school year.

This concludes our weekly announcements and please have a Marvelous Miraculous Filled Month in the Lord.  Remember all we do is WIN, No Matter What Happens in life, All We Do is WIN, FLY, LIVE, GRIND and Stay all the way UP during July 2019 and All the Way UP as we head into August 2019.  Always stay focused on what God has commanded you to do during the rest of 2019 and watch how God moves in your life!!!!


I Am A Ruby Global Ministries

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