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Blessings it’s our 118th Day of our Human Trafficking Initiative

Blessings it’s our 118th Day:

My God, This is coming from a place of love and unfortunately it has to be addressed!  I want to advise the young people to slow down and grow up.  Many of you are growing up way too fast.  Parents, allow your children to live and grow up when it is their time too.  They should not have to babysit their siblings, because that is our responsibility.  They should not have to work while trying to go to school to finish their education, unless they choose too.  That is our job to work and pick up a second job or live within our means, because unfortunately, some of us is trying to keep up with everyone else. The stress we are placing on our youth is why they run away from home, they are suicidal and they are feeling overwhelmed.  When we place so much stress on our children, it makes them feel overwhelmed.  When children feel overwhelmed and stressed, many of them are running away from home into unknowingly the arms of human traffickers.  When they are stressed and overwhelmed and feeling like they cannot live, many are attempting suicide as a way out.  On today, as parents, we will do better, because our children’s spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health is extremely important.  As parents, we must remember that our children need to be children and not adults.  Then when we expect our children to act like adults when they are btw 12-16yrs old, we inadvertently make them grown before their time.  Our Children need to live, learn and enjoy life.  They do not need to work, unless that is the last option, because we are unable to work.  We see some of our children working after school to take care of their families while the parents are not working at all and unless our parents have a disability, then we should be working.  We see parents pushing their children to play sports so that they can get a better life, but that is not what your child is supposed to do.  When did turning pro outweigh a college degree?  We should be pushing our children to graduate college and then turn pro.  What happens when they stop playing in the pro’s?  Where is their back up plan in case they spend all their money taking care of the family? Parents please listen to me, our children are overwhelmed, stressed and they need to live and breathe.  As parents, we need to allow them to grow up on time, not too early and not too late either!  We love you all to life!  We are praying for all of our children and parents.


Senior Pastor Syanika and Asst Pastor Mother Patty

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