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Blessings Everyone it’s Day 49 of our Human Trafficking Initiative

Blessings Everyone it’s Day 49:

As we prepare to head out into the community on this Saturday, let us remember to Consecrate, Fast and Pray on tomorrow from 9PM on tomorrow until 9AM on Saturday.  It’s vital we do this in order for us to be on one accord globally.  It’s vital that we go out into our communities and bring attention along with awareness to human trafficking.  Many people need to know this is an epidemic in our communities.  Yes, the no name is upset we are exposing his plans and hidden agendas, but remember No weapon formed against you shall prosper and that you can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you!!!  Remember to go deeper in your prayer, praise and worship with God before, after and during your fasting and Consecration.  God is answering our prayers and his Word will never fail us, his promises will always manifest in our lives and he will always protect us, his children as we are doing his will for our lives.  We love you all to life.


Senior Pastor Syanika and Asst Pastor Mother Evangelist Patty Mabrey

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