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Blessings Everyone it’s Day 48 of our Human Trafficking Initiative

Blessings Everyone it’s Day 48:

On today as we paused to celebrate Senior Pastor Syanika’s birthday on today, We thanked God that he entrusted I Am A Ruby Florida with Human Trafficking. Many people do not get to celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones due to human trafficking. Many of them wished either they were not born or that God will take them now to prevent them from living this horrendous lifestyle that they were forced into living. As we prayed today, God is calling us to not only come against and eliminate human trafficking, but we have to eliminate premature death, suicide, depression, anxiety, loneliness, control, manipulation, ahab, jezebel, slavery, prostitution and baal, in Jesus, we Order, Command and Loose them off of everyone affected by human trafficking in Jesus, we send it to the dry places, never to return again in Jesus, Ne’Eman!!! Please keep those affected by human trafficking in your prayers. Please Keep this out in the open. Please Keep talking about it and bring awareness to human trafficking. Remember, your voice can and will make a difference if you are obedient to God and use it to set the captives free. We love you all to life.


Senior Pastor Syanika and Asst Pastor Mother Evangelist Patty Mabrey​​

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