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Blessings Everyone it’s Day 41 of our Human Trafficking Initiative

Blessings Everyone it’s Day 41!

My God, this last week, all hell has broke loose and the no name is upset, but guess what? I am not afraid of the no name. He tried to come for my child last week with bronchitis, but that did not work. He tried to come for me last week with an infection in my lungs and that did not work and I brought a powerful Word from the Lord on Sonday’s Worship Explosion! He tried to come for Pastor Mother Patty last week by attacking her body, but that did not work. Then, he thought he was going to take out my mom, child and nephew with a hit and run accident on yesterday, but that did not work, because God was protecting them! So we are coming even harder against the no name. We will not be moved and we will continue to come against the ancient demons of human trafficking, child sacrificing, chemosh and molechi in Jesus, we banish them to the drop laves along with silent killers and premature death, in Jesus, Ne’Eman! If you aren’t afraid, please get in this fight to save our children from human trafficking! God will protect you like he has been protecting my family and all the other believers who are in the fight. When I tell you that Isaiah 54:17 is real, my family is living witness to this promise from God. We love you all to life and please continue to do the will of God at all costs!!! To those in human trafficking, we are on the wall for you and to stay encouraged in the Lord!!! God will protect you, in Jesus, Ne’Eman!!!


Senior Pastor Syanika and Asst Pastor Mother Evangelist Patty Mabrey​​

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