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Associate Pastor Teyshana. Wiley Auto Biography This is about my life and the things that I been through when I was and adult all the abuse neglect and the mental state I had at a Young Adult the 12 years of bad marriage my fight with Cancer for 8 years, and how my fight through death and adversity and how my only one true help and solution in life was my faith in God who brought me out of the fiery furnace and how God have given Me victory and peace in the midst of the storm and how by trusting in Jesus I learned who the woman that I was and my Purpose in life. In addition, that was to help others to achieve their Goals and Visions and Dreams. I am a woman of Faith 34 years old I am a mother of 3 wonderful children I am a Cancer survivor I fought the greatest battle and by Gods grace and mercy I won I got the victory I am a ordained Pastor in the gospel Of Jesus Christ I am a warrior for the army of God I love to tell my testimony to anyone that has a ear to hear I just so excited that I am finally able to tell my story about the test trial and tribulations that I had been through but God brought me up out and into the promised land flowing with milk and honey I told Jesus seven years ago if he spare my life I would serve him and I told God if he allow me to live past this sickness that I use to have I will tell the whole story about all the wonderful things he has done for me so here I am everyone and get ready to hear my voice because It will be heard. And walking In Prosperity is the Key. I Am An Evangelist-Associate Pastor Of My Church Greater Liberty Temple Of Deliverance. Book Author, of All Is Well Even When You Think the Promise Is Dead!-And My 2nd Book Pearls Of Wisdom- And My 3rd Book And Magazine I Am A Ruby Paperback Christian Magazine (Volume 1)-And My 4th Book Queen With Riches Women’s Magazine. I Am A Psalmist, Prayer Warrior, Mother, Business Owner, Website Owner, and Radio Show Host. I Am A Ruby Television Show Host, Producer, Internet Magazine Owner, and Clothing Designer. God’s Daughter, Cancer Survivor, Atmosphere Changer, And That Is Just A Few Of Things That I Do In The World To Represent the Kingdom. I want to go back to school to better my life. I have Already Accomplish so much and I want to succeed in my Education. In addition, I know that getting my Degree will allow me to fulfill my Goals and bring me into the Place Where I Want to be in Life. Mentally-Spiritually and Financially. Therefore, I am truly excited about going back to School. In addition, being a part of this Great and wonderful Team. At University Of Phoenix I know I can Move forward into my true stage of Excellence. http://iamaruby.ning.com/. (Owner and Founder) -Associate Pastor-Teyshana Wiley

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