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What have you learned from this twelve-week course?

What has God done in your life in the past twelve weeks?

What was your favorite subject in the last twelve weeks?

How will you apply all that you have learned in your personal ministry?

Will you recommend this school to people that you know and do not know? 

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Man o man thank you lord.... the first thing i learned was God really does finish what he starts and well of cores i always read it, herd it ,but just didn't think it was meant for me and well 9 yrs later look at what the lord has done =) Hallelujah! I also learned about different seed sowing. sometimes god would have u to sow into a person and not just the church "that 10%". I always thought first the store house, and yet couldn't find exsaclty ware i belonged after the church split back in 04. Sowing seed in good ground yes and onto the kingdom of god=) I learned so much about my self ,the way the lord looks at me, some areas i still needed to surrender over to the lord as well as how important it is to keep on keeping on, meditate on the word day and night always be ready for him to use me, and to literately give it all to god all of it every thing! EVERYTHING in life. Im back to asking him what to wear , is it OK to color my hair this way , and how would u have me to minister to my children. Fasting and praying has begun to become important in my heart.I have also learned about effective prayer and deliverance of the demotic being much more watchful over what i say , making sure i know he meaning behind it. I mean i new this stuff but honestly became spiritually flabby and lazy. I have learned that the lord sure does want to bless me! Now that im so blessed i need to learn how to govern over the blessings and how to contain it all =D. Now that i see it playing out in my life. FORreal in real life! i can apply it not just read the instructions but now have a revelation onto how to pick up the tools and apply them . HANDS ON AND VISUAL. Will i recommend this school to people? Yes i will i have already told some one about it and also can see some of the characteristics in this person =)  As the lord has me to speak i feel more  confident in having a reference as to ware they could go =) its a answer to one of  many prayers =) HALLELUJAH!   

I forever and always would like to carry you all with me in spirit and truth ! Group HUG! =D

This eight week course has totally transformed my life. I realized that many of the teachings that I was taught or heard were doctrine or mans theory, traditionalism and religious spirits! I am so happy and elated to be FREE. I loved learning about  speaking wealth and prosperity over my life, this was a big one for me because I was so bound in my  thinking that all of my riches were just stored in heaven. I can walk in abundance and a wealthy place because that is what God wants for his people. I loved learning about the various spirits and blessings and curses. Learning about the Five fold ministry and operating in  an apostolic flow. All the names of God, some of them I knew but the list in total was eye opening. The Five fold ministry test was amazing and helped me to really understand the call on my life. Everything from the beginning to the end was so needed for me, Knowledge is power and I feel that this 8 weeks gave me the necessary tools to ensure that I am doing the will of my Father. I have become more humble and have the true desire to be a servant of God and a servant to his people. I can walk in the Power and Authority that God gave me to cast out devils, Lay hands and pray for the sick and they shall recover, remembering to rebuke and cast out to the dry places versus binding as I was once taught.  The knowledge that I have obtained in these eight weeks will help me in every stage and season of my ministry. To ensure that I am living according to God's perfect will for my life. That I am able to teach and preach The Gospel Of Jesus Christ with a greater understanding and revelation. That I am comfortable in knowing that God will speak through me to cause change, correction and exhortation. That I can operate in the gifts of the spirit that I am given. That I am equipped with the Authority of using God's word to speak life into the lives of his people. To Operate in Faith as never before. I will 100% recommend this school to everyone I know. This was life changing!!!  Thank You Pastor Teyshana for your obedience and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and the knowledge and wisdom of others with me. My life will never be the same!

I'm gonna answer the questions from the last to the first.. I would absolutely without a moments hesitation recommend the School of Prophets to any and everybody that I know and don't know. I do believe that the people may need to have a certain amount of experience behind them, but by all means.. Yes Yes Yes.. I would recommend it!!

I"m going to effectively walk out everything I have learned. I will apply it by putting it in action. Making sure that I understand the concepts fully. Reviewing them if I need to. Seeking God for guidance, especially when i'm unsure. And getting my Nike on and Just Do IT!!!!

I believe my favorite subject was and is determining the difference between the Prophet and the Seer. That lesson literally "opened my eyes" to a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I feel more grounded now and am more able to grasp the concepts in the visions that God shows me. I've been a seer for as long as I can remember, but it's only because of that lesson, that i'm able to understand it and put it all in it's proper perspective.

God has done soo much in my life in these eight weeks that I can barely obtain it all. My faith has increased by leaps and bounds. My understanding and knowledge are abounding. I have started ministry in my home via weekly bible study. My worship and devotion time has intensified. My access to God  has increased because of my faith. My mindset has been forever transformed. He has made me a part of a sisterhood of warriors for Him. I'm better equipped. I'm better prepared. My mindset is renewed. I'm walking in dominion and authority. I understand the power of declaring and decreeing. That's 8 things for the 8 weeks, but truly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Words cannot adequately express it all. I pray my walk, my actions, and the fruit that is borne can somehow explain it. 

I have learned to trust God alone. Nobody but Him. No circumstance, No situation. No amount of money. No lack of money. I have learned to truly lean and depend on God for all things. I have learned to seek Him for all things, in every situation. I have learned just how much He loves me. I have learned that God wants me to be prosperous. I have learned that there is nothing that's impossible for God and that I CAN do allll things thru Him. I have learned that little becomes much in the hands of God and that His multiplication system is outta this world. He took what little faith I had at the beginning and increased it 1000 fold... I've learned that almost every single thing around me can fail, but God's word never will. I've learned that He trusts me with His visions and His words for His people. I've learned that He will never leave me without an on time word for each situation. I've learned to trust the God in me again. 

Yes God.... I'm not all that sure u all know what ur friendship and sisterhood has done for me. I pray that we will always remember one another.  Joining in the group hugg!!!

Teri May Boncher said:

I forever and always would like to carry you all with me in spirit and truth ! Group HUG! =D

My eyes, ears and heart have been opened as a result of these classes....There was so much that I had not been taught in church and I would surly recommend this school to everyone with a hunger for more of Jesus.....I enjoyed the teaching on prophecy and casting out evil spirits, of course I am a big John Eckhardt fan reading Prayers that Activate Blessings and Prayers that Rout Demons....Plus Cindy Trimm Rules of Engagement is another great book. 

This eight week course has taught me so much and refreshed my memory on alot of things. God has given me power  authority to cast out demons,heal the sick. My faith has increased and Im starting to use my gifts that God has bestowed upon me more. I have more confidence in the Christ that is in me. This class has diffently changed my life, I felt like I was drowning and trying to pull my self up, out to safety but I couldn't grasp. But thank God I am free at last. For I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. I don't have to worry what people say to me or think about me, I belong to the King(King Jesus). No weapon formed against me shall prosper,didnt say it wouldnt form but it shall not prosper. I am more than a conquor. I have to keep God head of my life at all times,no matter what the situation may be. I need to stay obedient to God and live every day pleasing to Him,mediate,fast,pray,  seeking the Kingdom of God and His Glory. It's all about Jesus. I have to use my discerment more, because satan uses the ones who the closet to you to get you down, or when your blessings are close the devil tries you like never before. I have to lean ad depend on God for everything. I enjoyed everything I read,learned, and talked about. Im not going to just stop here but im keep on going. I will be still reading and being a part of the school of prophets. God has blessed me with some awesome, anointed sisters and brothers. Thank you Pastor Teyshana Wiley from making all this possible for us and hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord. AGAPE!!!!!

I have learned so much, I am thankful for this school. I have come to know that God really love me. And that  Jesus never bind a demon. God has open my eyes to my self and I see that I must do batter in my walk in Christ. All of the subjects are good. I will revisit the lesson and reapply them to my life. I will recommend this school to others.

One of the things I have learned is that I need to trust a God more. I learned about many of the names of Demonic spirits. I have been reminded about the differences of the word of wisdom and the word of knowledges. The course was so full of great teachings that it is safe to say that I learned a lot that I will use in ministry forth coming. The thing that God has done in my life this past 8 weeks was confirmed my calling and elevated me to a new level. I will apply the things I learned in my personal ministry by walking out the things I need to be effective. I have already recommended the school to a new student and will continue to do so for years to come.
I have learned in this eight week class that I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me. God has given me the tools I needed to increase my ministry. There is a sense if joy and peace in my spirit. I've noticed my family is more at peace and seems less stressed . I've learned to love instead of being angry. I've learned to be more tolerable. Everything thing I needed was already in front of me and I didn't know know how to pick them up. Amazing. I was fighting what I thought was a losing battle alone.

God has healed my heart, mind and my body. I received an incredible, instant healing, in my knee from constant pain. God has surely smiled on me and set me free from the anguish I was feeling. God has elevated my mind and released an anointing and a trans formation that people can see, mostly spiritual.

My favorite subject was walking in your calling. I was ecstatic to learn that Elijah and Elisha was shown much favor from God because they listen to God and did what God commanded.

I will apply all that i've learned through prayer and fasting, by witnessing, and delivering the word of God to my ministry and continue to walk in the calling.

I've already recommended people to this school and they are excited and is sharing my joy.

My life will never be the same. I have completely emptied myself from being indoctrinated, and have allowed my heart to be filled with God's will for my life, no one else's. I realize I can be what God says I can be, and I can do what God says i can do. I haven't been this happy in years and this free. I sleep better at night. I'm back in my word like I was before I allowed myself to be locked in a chicken coop where all I wanted to do was work with my patients because that was the only ministry I thought I would ever have.again.Which I love ministering to those that are transitioning. I am stronger spiritually walking in Kingdom authority, and Apostolic Anointing in the Prophetic flow. Now I understand why I would always felt uneasy , wrestless or anxious just before tragedy, death, pregnacies...etc. I would have dreams of something or someone needing me, with in days It would prove me right, I truly enjoyed all of the readings, biblical and videos. The most impressibe that had the most impact were the names of My LORD... OMG!!! Something got a hold on me and I can't stop crying when I praise God calling out some of those names. I would love to memorize all of them. The demons no matter how true they are I can't do anything but rebuke, loose and cast them out with my Atomic Neclear Weapon. The most Powerful Weapon in Heaven and on earth. I fear nothing but God. Not in a scarred manner but a reverential. I worship Him with the utmost respect. I am determined more than ever to walk in the fruits of the spirit. Being minfdul and on guard of  the enemy. I have on the whole armor of God to quench every fiery dart scheme, tactic. diversity and plot. I am watching and praying like I used to every morning at 4:am. I was so dedicated for years and years.  I prayed but not to this magnitude where the Lord has brought me back.as an intercessor. Thank you Pastor Teyshana Wiley for being the yielded vessel that said yes to God wholeheartedly. I am so thankful for your Passion for the people of God and the Love you display that is so authentic and priceless. I have began like never before to meditate on the goodness of Jesus not asking or saying anything just quieting my spirit, just sitting listenting to my Heavenly Father telling me some of the secret things of His heart and telling me some things I need to work on to grow even stronger. Because he needs me to have Supernatural strength for those I will be assigned to help. He is equipping me for the highways and hedges compelling the sinner man to come in. Spiritual Warfare in the guttermost so He can bring them into the uttermost .I loved the lessons on The Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Words of Encouragement ,powerful and effective. I know that I am ready for the challenges, equipped with the necessary tools needed to be super effective. Walking humbly before God's people  knowing how to go in and out before God's people, with meekness and humility. I love Gods people and don't want to see any souls lost, however i know every one won't listen but i will make every effort to help all who will listen (make the rapture). winning souls and advanceing My Heavenly Father's Kingdom. That is my sincere reason for being here. This is not my home. I am just a pilgrim passing through to do the will of my father who sent me. I will recommend all I can to this school. It has truly made such a heavenly impact on my life, I know it will do the same for eveyone who will except the call. God bless all of the staff for you believing in the 2014 class, walking hand in hand with us through these 8 weeks, and praying without ceasing relentlessly for us to make it. You all are so amazing. I know the Lord is so pleased with your love and kindness. May The Lord bless you real good. Mother:Pastor Shirley Lee (Dean) I love you all so much 

In these eight weeks of the course I have gain knowledge of so much information, some I already knew, some I did not know, and some that I already knew I have gained a entirely new perspective on it, just to cover some of what I learned was who I am in the kingdom of god, how to utilize my gifts for the kingdom of god, ways to become a effective leader, that I must seek the kingdom of God first and everything else will be added unto me, I learned that I must really but faith in action in order to see the promises of God manifest in my life, I learned that preachers are Gods leaders and their primary responsibilities is to shape the character of the church because everything depends on the leaders. I have learned how each gift work and operate in the fivefold ministry, and these gifts work together to edify and build up the church. I learned that God desire for the church to move into a new season he do not want us to continue in our comfort zones or remain comfortable, because he is breaking those barriers down that keeps us from seeing the magnitude to what he has called the church to do in this hour. I leaned how God used his prophets and seers in powerful ways and how they walked in the anointing of Jesus Christ. I learned that God is getting ready to do a shaking, everything that's not like him or he did not design it is being brought down, only the things that he made will be able to withstand this shaking and will remain by his grace. Jesus want's us to be wise as serpents but yet humble as a dove. I have learned all the names of God in the trinity, I have gain knowledge of the keys of walking in the eye of an eagle as a seer, I learned that their are tow hundred we battle daily, and that their is a demon encyclopedia. I learned how prophets in the old testament called down firer from heaven, found lost animals, multiplied food sources, had bionic ears to spy on the enemy, after death their bones could raise the dead, to name some of the knowledge I have gleaned from The School of Prophet's.

The subject I like most was reading and learning how God used his prophets and seers in amazing ways all for his glory, and how God responded to their request and spoken words because of their close walk with him, their prayer life, their faith, and their willingness to be obedient and ability to do whatever the Lord command them to do. How people was healed, delivered, and set free because of the shadow of God prophet, handkerchiefs, how demons was cast out because they walked in the authority and power of Jesus Christ. I will apply all that I have learned in my personal ministry by sharing what I have learned with others to help build of the kingdom of God, I will continue to pray for others and intercede over their prayer request, I will continue to teach and minister the word of God when opportunity present itself, I will continue to do outreach ministry and pass out tracks, I will recommend the School of Prophets to others because of all the knowledge it has to offer to other so they can come to know God in the fullness, I have already been telling other about the school and about the teaching and learning that takes place through class materials and on line phone conferences.


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