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What have you learned from this twelve-week course?

What has God done in your life in the past twelve weeks?

What was your favorite subject in the last twelve weeks?

How will you apply all that you have learned in your personal ministry?

Will you recommend this school to people that you know and do not know? 

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I learned how to receive my wealth and to increase my finances.  God has equipped me be ready for any and everything that comes my way.  I learned how to walk in my apostolic anointing and to receive the knowledge God has placed before me by Praying and fasting while being obedient to the Word of God.  I will recommend this Bless and Anointed School to everyone who I come into contact with.

The twelve weeks of authentic teaching on my calling, how to command angles, purpose, the breakdown of wisdom, operational, and functions of the prophetic.

God has done a wonderful transformation in my mind, heart, sight, hearing, and confidence.

All the teaching had favorable information, and teaching. However with that being said my all time favorite was Apostolic Anointing, and Prophetic Flow. 

I would apply these teach by allowing the Holy Spirit to give me clarity, direction, a format, and insight on the how to target group, teaching, and worship inside the ministry that is assign to me. That way I can to be effective leader in the kingdom, and for God people.

Yes, I have, and will recommend the I am a Ruby School of the Prophets to friend, family, and in general

i have power to walk in to wealth and health on this week i receive money to go to my ordination  to no that god doesn't want his children broke so open your mouth you have power to start speak over my life and yes i have already share this ministry website with people

I learned in the 12 week course that God is my all in my heart. In these past weeks God has brought me unto Him setting me on His right path. One of my favorite subjects is Wisdom. We need her at all times. I will apply all that I have learned to my personal ministry by teaching others that there is more about God than what I or some have learned in the churches while growing up. Continuously learning of God. Bringing in others to follow the Lord and teaching them the Gospel. Walking in authority and using abilities God gave me to speak life into people. Letting the Holy Spirit guide me. I will recommend this school to people. This school I Am A Ruby taught me so much and I now have a better relationship with God. I have already shared what I have learned in the readings.

Thank God for this course. What have I learned from this course; I learned a lot from this course and really wish it wouldn't have to end so soon. Starting with the Five-Fold Ministry and the order of the church the difference between a prophet and a Seer was an awesome teaching, The Visions was breathtaking, and an introduction to the Angels was another awesome lesson recognizing the voice of God tremendous and incredible In the last twelve weeks God has taken me on a spiritual journey and opened my Spiritual eye and ears He also awakened my Awareness like to the many names of God I also got to know Elijah better and Ezekiel also learning to be a disciple of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after the reading I felt myself starting to transform into a highly different person one who only God can Change.To me Transformation is not switching from the to-do list of the flesh to the to-do list of the law. When Paul replaces the list — the works — of the flesh, he does not replace it with the works of the law, but the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19–22). What was my favorite subject it is very hard to say all of the great and unique in it's own way. I will through faith in Jesus Christ and through life applications apply all of my 12 week teachings to my life and Ministry as God orders my steps in His Word I will continue to recommend this school to others in and out of church, again it was so much That I learned I would need a lot more time to mention them like for example how the Men and Women called by God had that Holy Spirit Power to do all  types pf thing in the name of Jesus Christ and how the Angels come and talk with you and let you know of future events,.Praise God .

Ne'eman thank God for the school of the prophets I have learned so much about the spiritual realm how you can hear God through everything numbers and and colors, through conformation, music people God speak through us all through different ways. I learned that when you have a relationship you can develop ungodly sole ties with a person and to pray against them everyday and I learned that religion have you thinking that Godly people can not get attacked by demons and that, that's not true because alot of us if we were abandoned, or abused, or parents who are on drugs or etc. We are at risk of demonic spirits attacking us on a daily basis but I learned that we can defeat these demons by calling them by name just like Jesus did and cast them out rebuke them and plead the blood of Jesus over them daily and do not feed into the demon allowing the spirit to come in freely and with family fasting and praying and taking communion and and staying in the word you will get the victory the no name can't touch you . There is so much but I'm thankful for this class and I know alot more then what I knew before this class I learned that we all suffer from lack of knowledge Jesus had it right we as human beings go through so much we don't have to because we lack knowledge but we should pray to God and ask him for wisdom and knowledge and he will freely give it to us be we seek him and long to have his wisdom and knowledge. 

God has given me wisdom and knowledge and he's been opening up doors for me because I take the time to worship him and pray to him and do the things that he wants me to do and I'm so grateful to him.

The lesson about how to recognize all the different Angel's ans the angel that caught my attention the most was the praise and worship angel I think it's called when all of a sudden you just feel the need to sing praises to God and give him the glory and that one of the way you can tell an angel is among you it was awesome.

I will do what I have learned not just be an observer and  hear but do the things I have learned I will pray and fast and give God praises  and cast out the demonic spirits when I recognize they are near God said faith without works is dead and he also said if you hear my instructions and and do not put them in to practice you are like a person who looked in the mirror and and when you left it you forgot what you looked like, your like a person who built his house without a foundation and when the Tarrant came and struck your house the house was destroyed so I have to walk about what God has giving me in these twelve weeks.

Yes i will definitely recommend it because it will bless your life and teach you how to really operate in the spiritual realm of God for real and not for play play School of the prophets rock.


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