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Steps of Healing in our nervous system by the Holistic Psychologist

These are ancient symptoms that attack our bodies and try to hinder us in being Happy in our minds. Have you had any one of these symptoms before, and what strategies God give you to eliminate them? Can you please share with the class in details?

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Yes My GOD My GOD Halleujah  You Must Stay Prayed Up  U Will Have To Spend Much Time With YAH Resting , Eating Habits has to Change Get Some Shpplements DETOX  Your Entire Body REGULARLY Stay Away From All Negativity  Its  A Attack From The evil pits of hellYoy Have To Fight Smart With The Word Of GOD  HALLELUJAH 

My God, thank you Lord for this information. Difficulty visualizing the future was one of my biggest fear, trauma. I had to begin to go deeper in God, fast, prayed, studied His Word, and ask God to heal me from all the fears that I faced. Again that's where my sincere Worship came into place. We must Worship..

Difficult visiualizing the future I was unclear of what i desire. God helped me through it. I put together a list of what I desire and watch videos of people living life as a inspiration. Living in survival mode. I learn to trust God. With this one it wasnt over night. But i literally have to go back and remember the word. And talk to God of why im like this and ask for guidance.

Feeling threatened in the current moment  God is working on me with feeling this way about my life because he is the Goat of it all so how can I feel that way when I claim the I love him. But he told me I don't love him because the way I feel should never be question basically it's to big for him to handle. But it is not I
 make it seem that way but I eliminate it out in Jesus. Ne'eman


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