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Father God,

We thank you on today for our youth.  We come against the no name in the name of Jesus.  We come against murder, suicide, mental health issues, jealousy, strife, oppression, depression, jezebel, ahab, witches, warlocks, drug lords, pedophiles, prison system, Dagon, python, kobul, leviathan, homosexual, ancient, ancestral and generational curses and evil spirits and we banning them forever to the dry places, never to return again in the name of Jesus.  We reclaim our youth from the no name and his demonic bounty hunter in the name of Jesus.  We prophecy, declare and decree that our youth will live a long, prosperous life in the Name of Jesus.  We prophecy, declare and decree that they shall live and not die and declare the powerful, great and divine acts of the Lord our God, in Jesus Name.  We prophecy, declare and decree that they will have Life more abundantly in the name of Jesus.  We thank you God that no weapon formed against them cannot prosper nor penetrate our youth, in the Name of Jesus. We thank you Lord for keeping them covered in your Precious and Powerful Blood, in the Name of Jesus.  We activate every archangel assigned to our youth to war in the Spirit in their behalves, in the Name of Jesus.  We command our youths day, afternoon and evening to line up with your will for their lives on today, in the Name of Jesus.  We thank you Lord in advance for answering our Prayers.  We come against premature death, silent killers, heart attacks, strokes, mental health issues, demonic bounty hunters, cancer, asthma, diabetes, health issues, demons, devils, evil spirits to the tenth generations in Jesus Name, Amen.  It is completed, finish, done and watch how God will answer our prayers concerning our youth.

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