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Father God,

We come before your throne asking for forgiveness for everything we said and have done wrong. We command our morning, day, afternoon, evening and midnight in the Name of Jesus. We activate every ArchAngel to war in the Spirit on our behalf. We prophesy, declare and decree that we will possess the land flowing with milk and honey, in the name of Jesus. We come expecting you O' Lord to answer every prayer request on today. We pray your will be done and not our will. We stand in agreement with every prayer request prayed on behalf of your chosen children, in the name of Jesus. We thank you for being able to call upon the name of Jesus anytime. We thank you for choosing us to spread the true and living Gospel to this world and generations. We love you on today. We cancel out any whiplash, backlash, Jezebel, ahab, Baal, silent killers, premature death, heart attacks, strokes and iama to the 20th generation in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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Amen, not one word will fall to the ground, because we have Supreme Faith. Bless you Pastor Syanika


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