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What did the Lord say to your Spirit about your Purpose?
How are you going to utilize your time now concerning your day?
Are you excited, because now you can walk in your new chosen Purpose of God's Anointing, Health, Wealth, and Prosperity?
Who do you need to let go and say No too?
Why do you need to say No to them?
How do you feel in your heart knowing you are about to leave a positive imprint in the universe?

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What I feel that God is saying to me about my purpose is that i need to be clear about what i want to do and to get to it. Time is of the essence and all my ideas I have its time to bring them forth. How I plan on using my time now is to make sure I'm on top of things i say I dont have time for like my workouts I have to have an hour of that a day and being more active as well putting time in to my business upgrading it. Yes im very excited and over joyed to know that I am walking in all these things God has for me already lined up from the Wealth and Health and Prosperity. Who i need to let go honestly is myself. The lil girl version and say no that i can over ride things i say i cant i can live a holy and glory filled life and i can say Noo to myself about giving up on what's important to me. I will not be my own dream crusher. I need to say no to myself because im extremely hard on myself and dont give myself enough credit and i should. How i feel knowing im leaving a Positive Imprint on the Universe I feel Great cause knowing i made a difference and left wisdom behind to follow i will have no regrets..so its a blessing to be able to do just that.


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