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Herein are ideas, thoughts and solutions to help you establish the communication with God you seek.

Does this verse describe your relationship with God?

And God said “So shall your life be upon the earth; you shall feel distant from me, you will constantly pray to me and seek my face but never feel that you’ve succeeded. You will pray in desperation to hear my voice and I will turn away. You will beg your spiritual leaders for help and they will have no real answers to comfort you. You will be taught that you’re saved and you won’t feel saved. In spite of all your religious training, your heart will be troubled about many things. You will seek my will for your life but never be certain that you’ve found it. You will doubt your salvation. You will often feel a lack of peace, joy and love in your walk with me. When all of these things come upon you, keep doing what you’re told and hope that someday it will be different for I the Lord have spoken it.

That’s NOT a Bible verse, Thank God!
It’s a verse from my life’s experience – and I thought for the longest time that God really intended it to be that way!

Am I ever thankful that’s over!

If this sounds familiar then you’ve come to the right place. If that little verse describes your experience with seeking God, then welcome home!

If you’re still living this way and are sick and tired of it then it’s time to get to work. It’s time to do a little housekeeping – time to begin taking a look at your beliefs and ideas about God to determine whether or not they’re really accurate.

Now this can be scary. I won’t sugar coat the truth. You may feel filled with fear – but it’s not that different from what you’re already going through with all the uncertainty about your walk with God. The only difference is you may experience it more intensely for a short time and then on the other side you’ll have peace with God.

Peace with God? Did I just make that promise? Yes I did. You really can have peace with God and absolute confidence before Him. You may doubt that in your present situation. That’s fine. You’ve probably been promised that before, right? I was! Didn’t work for me either!

Anyway there’s nothing to fear and there’s plenty of time for you to sort it all out.

Be still and know that I am God
This site is really about a shift – a shift from fear to peace. That’s what happens when you become still and get to know God.

BeStillKnowGod.com is here to help and support you as you sort through your old training, programing, beliefs, and ideas about God and your relationship with Him.

Let’s look at a real scripture

Luke 12:32

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (KJV)

If you’re experiencing fear in any aspect of your life then you’re not fully understanding and receiving what God has for you. If you think it’s impossible it’s just because you’ve never experienced it. It’s pretty much impossible for us to believe in something that is completely outside our experience.

I believe that a walk with God should take us outside and beyond everything we’ve experienced in the past. We’re talking about walking with the infinite creator of the universe and everything within it – that should be an amazing walk! There should be no fear at all!

Do you need permission to begin this journey? Give yourself permission.

Say to yourself right now: “I give myself permission to begin walking with God without fear because where love is there is no fear and God is Love and I’m walking with God.” Say it as many times as you need to. If these words don’t work for you, use your own, but give yourself permission to walk with Love and leave fear behind.

It is now time to dive deep and get to the bottom of your relationship with God. If your current religion or relationship isn’t serving you – bringing you the peace you long for – then it’s time to figure out why. If your attempts to communicate with God and hear God’s voice are not bringing you the closeness to God you seek, it’s time for a deeper examination.

After giving yourself permission and becoming willing for the journey, the next step is to begin an examination of your beliefs about God.

This is where the free course comes in. It’s one way of taking that next step.

“Prepare Your Heart to Talk With God”
In “Preparing Your Heart to Talk With God” we take a look at some of the common ideas we hold about God and compare them to scriptures found in The Bible.

It is in the heart where we hold our beliefs about God. These beliefs control our relationship with Him. We cannot experience any aspect of God that we don’t believe in! It’s as simple as that.

You may say you believe in a God that will communicate with you but then you have some other idea that explains why He won’t – and there you go. You’ll get nowhere until that idea is examined in the light of truth and revealed for what it is.

We’re all engaged in this endeavor at some level whether we’re aware of it or not. The level of desire we have for a greater communication with God will really determine how much time we devote to hearing God’s voice and examining our beliefs.

So go ahead and fill in the little form on the top of the right sidebar – First name and an email address that you use on a regular basis, click “Sign Up Now!” and you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

Let the journey begin!
If you’re still with me, I’d like to tell you a little more about my site.
As you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of other links on this page. This site has grown faster than I thought and there’s a fair amount of material here. There isn’t really any particular order to it. Each page or article is really written to stand on it’s own. Within some of them you will find links to others that are related topics.

Hopefully you can find your way around to whatever you’re needing at the time. If not you’re welcome to leave a comment, ask a question or send an email. I do read your comments and emails!

While communication with God and hearing God’s voice is the main focus of this site, I realize that there are many other topics relative to relationship with God that are very important.

Within these pages you’ll find information on many topics such as Grace, Salvation, The Bible, Adam and Eve and the creation story, etc.

All these other topics and issues can be understood best when we experience true two-way communication with God – until then they often seem a bit mysterious. Therefore helping you to hear God speak to you is the primary focus. The additional topics are bonuses that you may find helpful – or not. Either way, let’s keep our eyes on the goal of communicating with God and enjoy the journey!

I hope you will return often to discover and share your own insights with all. If you wish you may subscribe to updates on this site by clicking on the “subscribe” button just under the header at the top right of the page.

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  Our communication with God is like a two way radio. There is a receiving side and a command side which both are important in order to interact with God. We have to be able to communicate. Always keep your line of communication open, always keep your batteries fresh, never go outside the range and make sure you are available at all times. Make sure you are on the right frequency!!!!


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