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Proverbs 19:19(The Message)....

Let angry people endure the backlash of their own anger; if you try to make it better, you'll only make it worse.

Proverbs 19:19

New King James Version (NKJV)

19 A man of great wrath will suffer punishment;
For if you rescue him, you will have to do it again.


Self- Control is the Key in overcoming backlash.

Self-Examination daily is also another key is defeating backlash.

Having Faith, in the Word of God. 

Active Prayer life, meditating and worshiping is other keys as well.....


back·lash     (bklsh)

1. A sudden or violent backward whipping motion.
2. An antagonistic reaction to a trend, development, or event:
3. A snarl formed in the part of a fishing line that is wound around the reel.
4. The play resulting from loose connections between gears or other mechanical elements.
Noun 1. backlash - a movement back from an impactbacklash - a movement back from an impact      
motionmovement - a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something
bouncingbounce - rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts)
resiliencyresilience - an occurrence of rebounding or springing back
caromricochet - a glancing rebound
Verb 1. backlash - come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect; "Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble"
Resist the devil and he will flee from you. 
I Rebuke the spirit of backlash in the name of Jesus, and I send it to the dry place the Lord Jesus assign it to go. The Blood of Jesus Covers you from the top of your head to the soul of your feet. This I Declare of the Lord. He alone is your refuge, your fortress, and place of safety......
Ask yourself these Question after reading this do I carry the spirit of backlash?
Do my own emotions get me into trouble, or in situations, that I have no control over?
How can I control my inward wrath?
What can I do to make sure that I recognize the spirit of backlash?
Can I honestly say that I have committed my mind, heart, soul, and spirit, to the Lord?
Answer these question honestly, and watch God make a dynamic change in your life.
Watch great and awesome things take place in your life.
Blessing is unto you, Pastor Teyshana Wiley(Founder)........

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Wow is all I can say and by answering these questions I have taken a look at my life and I can see somethings that need to change. For we are like season because there is always something we can change to better ourselves to be used by God.


We only become better with wisdom. The first place to start is looking at self, then U see the changes that need to take place in your life. This even makes U more aware of the company U keep and the people u deal with that have a fool's program.

Learning is power and we all can stand to learn more, this article helps us to examine ourselves to see what and if we need to make changes in the way we live...

Praise God for another lesson, in reading this lesson I understand but I don't understand the application while being in Church yesterday the Spirit of God told me to Go to Nursing Homes after the first service. Then the first Lady of the church insisted that I stay for second service so I did. So after the second service I went to nursing home and started my Pastorial sevices I went in this one room  and said to the resident may I wipe off your mouth because it was not wiped off and needed my attention  so while I took a clean paper towel  I wet then wiped her mouth off very good and right beside was a demon spirit saying hit her, I said to her do you like the 23rd Psalm she said yes  so we said the 23rd PSALMS  Together then prayed then left. I visited other rooms but it was no spirits talking to me I then left with a severe neck pain in which I couldn't move my head from side to side as normal I couldn't rest properly knowing a evil spirit was in my ear telling me to something evil while visiting the sick and the dying 


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