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LORD, I want a personal encounter with you, a face-to-face real-life encounter with my King Jesus. I want to see all my children saved and pursuing the Lord of Glory with all of their hearts forever. And, I would love to complete God’s purpose and leave a Godly legacy for my posterity and current generation.  

Our desire is to open and operate an “one-stop” shop; or have some divine resources, and connections; we need one another to come together to lend a helping hand; “Meeting the total need”. People are in life-threatening, critical state and we are just going about our day-to-day activities.  We have put a plan together in which it’s on it’s way to actions; it’s manifesting, step-by-step projector plan. God has given us favor with all that is needed, because this is His doing, this is His Plan and Purpose for us.

Ne'eman talk about words of encouragement.  My God

I desire to travel and i desire to watch the sun set in a new setting.  I desire to have a understanding and wonderful filled relationship with God. I desire to be more diserning i desire to be wealthy. I desire to lose 50 pounds. I desire to help families when can once im wealthy enough. I desire to be a very successful business owner. I desire to know more about myself and what i really love most. I desire my kids to stay healthy living a long lasting filled life. 

     Praise God for this lesson in Ambition and Happiness. since moving forward in Ministry, I had visions and ambitions of moving  toward my goal of receiving my millions in Wisdom, Health, knowledge and more opportunities to  share the Word of God. along with receiving my cash flow for the building of the Kingdom of God,

Also I was thinking highly of starting an on line business, even going as far as to partner with some or even investing in the university by way of partnership. My motto is to invest and receive. by faith i believe i will achieve it and my happiness is just around the bend

My goal also is being all i can be in Ministry and to owe no one nothing but the Word.of God my happiness is investing in Presentations of what i Don't know yet but thank God for Ambition and Happiness 


I desire to Make Every Business that I have go Global Wide. I also desire to travel and I desire Billions so I can be a blessing to everyone. I desire to travel with my children and family. I desire to bless my family, I also desire to have a beautiful home and my Two beautiful SUVS the first one is a Builk enclave the next one is a hydandi Sante Fe. So I'm excited to be already a billionaire.


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