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These are seven ancient symptoms that attack our bodies and try to hinder us in being Happy. Have you had any one of these symptoms before, and what strategies God give you to eliminate them? Can you please share with the class in details?

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Tingles in feet and hands; My God, tension, stress God says; Insomnia, couldn't sleep trying to figure out "WHY" why this, why that, what's wrong with me, all that negative, nasty stuff. My God. Thank God everyday, That's why we worship and praise God, because of all the stuff He delivered us from, and refuse to go back. 

My feet n hand tingle after being numb alot but i have to say i haven't tried to look further in to it. I use to have problems sleeping but that went away after i started praying talking to God. Or reading the BiBle. I go fast to sleep.

Blessings Prophetess Domonique, this is a sign that you have a trauma demonic spirits attacking your body 

Pain in different areas of the body that come and go. Depends on the pain stop rub down whatever is paining me. take pain meds or rest

I will have to say Number 5 is for me, pain comes and goes. So I am eliminating these pains that are coming a going right now in Jesus. God is healing us Right now for this ancient symptoms right now in Jesus not one word fall to the ground in Jesus Ne'Eman 

My God,  I had #4, 5 and 7.  I immediately began to Pray.  Whenever these comes for me, I lay hands on my self, Pray in the Spirit and commanded them to go in Jesus, Ne'Eman.  I let them know I have power, dominion and authority over you ancient symptoms and you do not have any control over me, in Jesus, Ne'Eman, you have been eliminated and walking in GOD free as his chosen vessel!!! I go to God praying and waking up Praying to GOD.


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