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Blessings, Faith, and Favor eBook. Who is your new BFF?

Location: Anywhere in the Universe
Street: PO box 9102
City/Town: Benton Harbor
Phone: 269-861-6839 or 269-363-4019
Tag: blessings, faith, favor
Organized By: Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.)

žThis eBook is designed and created to motivate, encourage, and inspire you in your Faith. Therefore, you can obtain all the blessings and favor God has for your life.

God has Divine grace, unmerited favor, heavenly bliss, mercy, communion, protection, decrees, promises, Agape love just for you.

 Get your eBook copy today for $7.00

By purchasing our online digital products, you will help us raise money for our Non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. All proceeds from this book will assist to fund our missions and goals for families in need. Thanks for your purchase and helping us help families during the holidays with our basket giveaway!

In addition, we are giving away 3 free eBooks a day. 

Push the link below: and we will send it to you immediately when you purchase the eBook(it will automatically take you to the eBook link) we will also send you a download version, via email, FB inbox, I Am A Ruby(inbox) or any outlet you prefer. Thank you again for purchasing our eBook of Blessings, Faith, and Favor eBook.

May you have a Majestically Blessed night on Purpose GN Agape~


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